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Big Dish 12"

From £170 each, new price

New price reduction

With the popularity of our standard 12" wheels growing month on month, we decided to see if we could come up with something even better, and we think we have.

Here it is, the newly released big dish 12".

This 12" wheel uses the same billet centre from our 13" wheel, new tooling allows us to use a spun rim with no tyre well, thus allowing the bigger billet to fit where it would otherwise not fit.

As there is no tyre well, these wheels need to be aseembled with the tyre in place, and the rim joint sealed after assembly, quite within the ability of the average enthusiast.

Available in  rim combinations of  2" 2.5" and 3.5"

As always we strive to make our wheels as lightweight as possible, thus the weight of the 6" wheel shown in the pictures comes in at 3.2 kgs. All our usual colours available for the wheel centres, rims in polished aluminium.

big dish 12big dish 12 "big centre 12"bi dish 12",,

12" 3 piece Modular Wheels

New prices from £167ea for 6 and 6.5" wide

Please note, All our three piece wheels are drilled  7mm hole  to accept bolt in Alumiunium valves, if you would like to use rubber valves please advise at time of ordering,


After numerous enquiries from historic racing competitors looking for a lighter wheel, we have now produced our own tooling to allow us to manufacture our 3 piece wheels in 12".

As you can see, this is a scaled up version of our 10" V1 style, V2 style is also available. We are also looking into replicating the super-lightweight design of our 13" wheel.

Constructed in the same way as our ever popular 10" and 13" wheels these are available in two widths, due to limitations in tyre availability.

6" wide, +10mm offset, weight 3.4kg.

6.5" wide, +4mm offset, weight 3.5kg.

Please note that small alterations in offsets can be accomodated by offsetting the mounting face if required.

12" wheel12" wheel 12" wheel12" wheel 12" wheel  +10mm offset  3.4kgs , 6x12 12" wheel gold on black12" wheel, black on black

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