Turbo Oil Drain


Titanium oil drain, fits to the mechanical fuel pump opening as per the standard BL arrangement on the Metro turbo.

Titanium oil drain

Alloy Flywheel Incorporating Ring Gear


Weight: 5.5 lb / 2.5kg

These ultra lightweight flywheels have the ring gear cut into the main body.

Whilst the alloy ring gear does have a limited lifespan over the steel versions, we have found them to be better than expected, especially when used on low compression turbo engines, due to less effort needed to turn the engine over.

Other things to ensure a good working life are making sure the engine is a good starter, there is nothing worse than a badly setup motor that refuses to fire into life until it has been cranked over for 5 minutes.

We have successfully used this setup in our 16 valve turbo car for the last 2 years, and have only just replaced it with an identical item as a result of a foreign body damaging two of the teeth. Without this it would still be in use.

If and when the alloy teeth wear badly, they can simply be machined off and a new steel ring gear fitted, thus giving a new lease of life.

Contrary to popular myth, there is no reason why these flywheel setups cannot offer years of service when taking into account the total cost of running a competition car.

To show how confident we are as to its useability, anyone who buys one and uses it in their competition car, and is not happy with its wear rate at any time within the first year, we will fit a steel ring gear FOC.


Alloy Flywheel

Alloy flywheel with steel ring gear


Weight 6.5lb / 3kg

Made from the same material as all our alloy flywheels, these have proved to be robust in high powered cars.

Fitted with lightweight thin steel ring gear.

alloy flywheels ,steel ringers 6.5lbs

Billet Alloy Slave Clutch Cylinder


1/3 weight of standard,

These slave cylinders have no bleed nipple, so they need to be bled through the hose at the joint with the body. We recommend using a flexi hose from master to slave cylinder, with banjo ends, as this makes bleeding easier although It now appears there is available a banjo bolt with bleed nipple built in so bleeding just got easier

Clutch Slave Cylinderalloy clutch slave cylinders

Crankshaft Preparation


Our crankshaft modifications are second to none.

Wedging, crossdrilling, knifedging, backdrilling, overall dia turned down, tuftriding, also the super lightweight counterbalance less cranks.

You have to look closely to see that not only have our cranks had the full works carried out, but also every square mm of surface has been polished and stress relieved, resulting in what has to be the most painstakingly modified cranks available today.

As used in our cars, need we say more.




Internal gear linkage and tower


This internal gearstick setup uses a lightweight aluminium alloy tower, that lifts the gear stick higher into a more convenient position. Another benefit is that the original gear stick can then be shortened to suit individual requirements, and as a result acheives a shorter throw for the driver.

Utilizes a single length adjuster on one end for fine tuning, coupled with precision UJ's held in place by grub screws.

The original gearstick housing simply bolts on using the existing threads that hold the base plate in position  [longer bolts supplied]

Comes supplied with all fasteners required to fit to your car.

Easy to fit, no welding on of brackets, simply bolts to the side of the tunnel on later cars [rod change type tunnel]

internal gear linkage

Large Spun Alloy Inlet Ram Pipes

Inlet Pipes

Lightened Connecting Rods


Our fully worked Rover Metro rods have been used in some of the most powerful A series engines ever built.

All mains caps are machined to the same thickness thus reducing any guesswork. Then all rods are balanced to each other, the little ends are also machined on the outside to the same dimension. They also have excess material removed from outside the main beam line.

Supplied fully balanced and weighing in at no more than 605g.

 Ligfhtened connecting  rods

Oil fed thrust bearing conversion

£70 incl thrust bearing set

This conversion was pioneered by us, for those suffering premature thrust failure due to heavy clutch cover pressures.

The conversion feeds oil under pressure to the clutch side thrusts, to help maintain an oil film under load.


Rod End Engine Steady

£28 each

Direct replacement to standard dog bone over the clutch housing and the one below it on later cars.

They are also the correct length to be used from the subframe to rear of the gearbox underneath the engine. Used together these will create an engine that will be held in place under the hardest of competition environments.

These are a must when using our internally mounted gear linkage kit.

Rod end engine steadies

Titanium Clutch Arm kit


Especially designed for those using the heavy grey or double grey covers on the A series engine.

With these super strong clutch covers now putting so much load onto the release arm, you are lucky to get away with the lower ball just bending slightly over time and needing constant adjustment. Worst case is the ball breaking off completely, resulting in an unoperative clutch and imminent retirement from the proceedings.

These replacement Titanium arms are designed so that bending is all but impossible. Coupled with an all new lightweight replacement plunger, you can put your clutch arm woes to rest once and for all.

Primarily designed for competition use.

titanium clutch arm

Titanium dry deck water port


For those wanting to use the dry deck system, this is the ultimate water manifold, collecting water from both core plug outlets over the clutch housing, further eliminating the risk of hotspots in the block.

titanium water port

Ultra-Lightweight Titanium Flywheel


Weight 5.5lb / 2.5kg

These Flywheels have the ring gear cut into the outer edge of the main body, further reducing the inertia.

As with all our flywheels, both the friction surface and centre are replaceable to help maintain a long useable lifespan.

The backplate shown is a seperate item and is not included.

Ultra Lightweight Titanium Flywheel

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