Front Suspension

Aluminium top arms

Alloy rear trailing arms



Alloy top arms,

From £265,

These top arms are made form 6082 T6 alloy CNC machined here in our own workshops come as replacement for the standard cone type suspension or can be supplied for coil over setups, These arms offer a 1kg weight saving per side, that's not just 2 kg off the weight of the car but more importantly a healthy reduction in un sprung weight, these come supplied with pins and knuckle joint where needed, standard colour finishes are Black or silver anodise but special order colours can be accommodated at £15 a pair extra

Alloy Tower Bolts


Sold in pairs, available in red/gold/blue/black anodised subject to stock, or bare polished finish.

Machined from 6082T6 aluminium alloy. 66% weight saving over standard item.


Alloy Tower Bolts

Front Tie Bar and Bottom Arm

£520 set

Shown adjustable in-situ.

These bottom suspension setups offer a healthy weight saving over the standard steel items, and even bigger weight savings over other steel counterparts of similar designs.

Bottom arms circa 50% weight saving, and tie rods circa 30% weight saving.

The bottom arms and tie rods shown are adjustable in situ. These use a left /right hand thread combination to allow adjustment of length without having to remove from the car. Quick and easy fine adjustments can be made in a few seconds. All come complete with associated spacers and brackets, not pictured.

Individual prices are-

Bottom arms, adjustable on the car - £260 pair

Bottom arms, rod end fitting - £210 pair

Tie rods, adjustable on the car - £260 pair  

Tie rods, rod end fitting - £210 pair



Front Tie Bar and Bottom ArmBottom arms adj on cartie bars ,adj on car

Non standard PCD drive flanges, Steel

£160 pair

With the ever increasing choice of wheels available nowadays we now offer a steel drive flange that can have any 4 stud PCD applied.

As the standard mini drive flange is set at 4" it limits the wheels that can be safely used to those with a matching PCD.

Our new flanges are stocked with a blank face to allow us to drill any PCD up to 110mm, this covers a vast range of wheels that would be otherwise unavailable.

We appreciate these steel flanges are more expensive than others, but the extra cost allows for each pair to be setup and have the PCD put in to your requirements on our machines when ordered.


drive  flange ,steel any PCD

Titanium / Alloy Centrelock System

£580 set

Over the years the centre lock wheel system has become synonymous with professional racing teams, allowing quick and easy wheel changes at a moments notice.

Once only ever used on single seater cars and professional saloon car teams, now you can add these beautifully crafted components to your must have list.

Supplied with stud adapters and R clips.

Alloy nuts available anodised in most colours.

Titanium and alloy centrelock systemTi centre lock

Titanium Anti Roll Bar

from £370

Titanium anti-roll bars, available in either solid or tubular, depending upon application.

Complete with drop links and mount bosses.

Solid bar shown.

A weight saving of circa 40% is achievable over a similarly dimensioned steel item.


Titanium Anti Roll Bar

Titanium Drive Flange

£580 pair

Machined from billet 6AL4V Titanium alloy, these are based on the Metro dimensions which are thinner than the Mini equivalent.

These can be used on a standard Mini upright as long as a Metro standard solid or vented brake disc is used.

With a weight of just 1.4 kgs for a pair, these offer a minimum 40% weight saving over the standard steel item.

Titanium Drive Flange

Titanium Drive Flanges, with integral brake disc bell

£750 pair

As per our Titanium Drive Flanges, with the addition of an integral brake disc bell, to suit from 7.5" brake discs upwards, dependant upon calipers used. Contact us for further details.

Titanium drive flange and disk bell

Titanium Drive Shafts

£400 pair

Available as solid Ti shafts for Hardy Spicer output shafts, or available as tubular Ti shafts for pot joint type outputs.

Solid made from 6AL4V Titanium alloy for Hardy Spicer fitting, 40% lighter than standard steel equivalent.

Tubular utilizing 6AL4V Titanium alloy with solid splined ends, weight at 1.4kgs for a pair.

One off shafts can be manufactured to pattern and dimensions supplied, price dependant on sizes, please contact us for a quote.

Titanium Drive ShaftTi tubular shafts

Titanium Front Subframe

£1'950- Bare subframe

Front subframe in titanium, the ultimate in lightweight.

This frame is 1/3 of the weight of the standard front subframe, at circa 6.5kg, dependant on application.

The geometry is based around the standard setup. The frame is much stiffer than the standard item when stood alone, all suspension points are fully braced across the frame, eliminating any bending loads.

The frame utlises extra fixing points to the shell to further increase stiffness, it must be used with coilover springs.

Fitting kit including modified clutch cover and speedo drive end engine mount is £150 

Primarily designed for the later single bolt bodyshells, but can be supplied for early twin bolt bodyshells.

These frames can also have any preferred one off pickup points added to suit your requirements.

Front End AssemblyTitanium front subframe assembly,titanium front subframe assembly

Titanium Front Upright, Metro balljoint fitment

£1195 pair

Although the Metro uprights are much maligned by some people, they actually have a favourable king pin inclination compared to the standard Mini upright. This allows wider than standard wheels to be used whilst still retaining an acceptable scrub radii.

40% weight saving over a standard bare cast iron upright.

These uprights can also be supplied for rod end or spherical bearing fitting to top and bottom suspension arms, to further reduce unsprung weight.

Steering arms shown in the pictures are not included, standard items may be used, or upgrade to our titanium or parallel plate aluminium steering arms.

Titanium Front UprightTi hub

Titanium Front Upright, rod end/spherical bearing fitment

£1095 pair

As per our Metro balljoint fitment uprights, except these are manufactured to allow the use of our rod end or spherical bearing upper and lower suspension arms.

A further weight saving is achieved over the Metro ball joint version.

Ti hub, rod end fitment

Titanium Hardy Spicer Joints

£820 pair

Once again for the serious competitor looking for the ultimate, we have looked at the drive line for weight savings, these Hardy-Spicer joints are built using a combination of fabricated and machined parts. This helps cut down on material costs and waste.

Made from 6AL4V Titanium alloy, the true aerospace workhorse material.

Weighing in at 800g each.



Titanium hardy spicers joints

Titanium Hardy spicer LSD outputs

£550 pair.

As part of our ongoing development of the ultimate lightweight drive line setup, we have produced these output shafts in Titanium for the ten spline LSD unit.

A 50% weight saving is made against the steel equivalent part.

Titanium \hardy spicer outputTitanium hardy spicer output

Top Arms coil over fitting

£340 pair

These arms are made from an even lighter gauge TI tube, to give an unprecedented 80% weight saving over the standard steel items.

Bronze bushes are used instead of needle rollers as with our direct replacement arms.

titanium top arms/coil over

Top Suspension Arms- standard replacement type

£380 per pair

These top arms are a  replacement for the standard steel items. Fabricated in Titanium they weigh in at a mere 520g, and come supplied with knuckle joints.

These arms utilize phospher bronze bushes in place of the troublesome needle roller bearings and have an O-ring dust seal.


Titanium direct replacement top arms,top arm/direct replacement

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