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Big Dish 10"

Coming soon, the Big Dish 10".

Things are moving fast here at Force Racing wheels, and we just never got the chance to tell you about the impending release of the Big Dish 12".

So we thought we would give you some advance warning that the Big Dish 10" was imminent!

Using the same format as the Big Dish 12", the new Big Dish 10" will use a billet centre from the next size wheel up in our range, being  the 12" wheel centre.

As with the Big Dish 12", new tooling allows a range of widths including 3", 3.5", 4", 5", 5.5" and 6".

 Prices from £144-£166.




Mini In The Park 2010 report - new record set!

With a month since the showdown, we removed the head off the DON to assess the apparent head gasket failure. With this done it appeared that the misfire felt by Tom was actually due to a coil pack failing, so we are happy to report the head is still in perfect working order.

We have taken the precaution to fit a boot mounted radiator to water cool the turbo core, and this appears to be helping control heat soak into the head, along with heatshield mica exhaust manifold gaskets.

We also ran the car up to race temperature on the Saturday afternoon and retorqued the head studs to ensure any settle was removed.

We knew from studying the timing slips from the showdown, that we had an 11.5 sec pass in the car somewhere, it just needed stringing together by Tom.

So onto the important part, the runs.

Run 1- Tom made a good aggressive pass that looked drama free, and to the teams surprise sat on the grandstand, the clock stopped at 11.500. That'll do nicely thank you!

Run 2- With a quiet word about a more aggressive burn out, Tom did his best to oblige.

With a good clean exit from the blocks and the tyres crying in protest, he pulled a magical 1.67sec 60ft, through the 1/8 arrow straight in 7.2 secs at 103 mph, and onto an unheard and almost unbelievable new record time of 11.12 @124.4mph. Even more suprising because as witnessed by many, it was one of the most undramatic runs they had seen the car pass, which is a true testament to the power and setup of the car.

We decided to rest the car as we could see no way on improving on this time without more power, [which we have lots of in store] but would also need a re think on tyres which we could do nothing about on the day.

Our thanks go out to Trevor and his team at Wizards of NOS for their continued support and backing.

Well Done Tom, on another faultless drive.


(Photo courtesy of Nick Shaw)









DON at Speed

Peugeot 1900 wheels, 2 piece conversion

Following on in our development of converting original equipment cast aluminium alloy wheels into two piece, we have the first prototype Peugeot 205 GTI 1900 wheels machined and fitted with a spun outer rim.

Spinnings are available to make a standard 6" wide, as well as 6.5", 7" and 7.5" widths.

Like the smaller wheels we convert, the rims are held in place with M6 cap screws tapped into the original casting. [30 off fixings]

It will be possible to use these converted wheels tubeless.

We have also realised that on conversion we have not removed any original manufacturer markings, so it may be possible to use these wheels in countries where the original wheel had to undergo type approval.

Either Speedline or SMR donor wheels have been successfully converted.

pug 205 wheel convertedpug wheel  2 piecepug wheel 2

British Mini Showdown 2010

Once again the showdown was upon us, we had rebuilt the 16 valve turbo mini engine, and after finding a couple of problem areas we were confident of a good result.

This year we had decided to abandon the road going turbo class, and fit slicks with the aim to have a crack at the acceleration record set by ourselves way back in 1999 in our super lightweight nitrous assisted car.

For those unfamiliar with such records, Carl Austin, the founder of Force racing wheels, piloted his 1293cc five port mini to a 1/4 mile time of 11.72 seconds at 114.5mph.

So back to the showdown and saturday practice, our test driver Tom Fenton was under instructions to give the newly built engine a gentle pass or two before turning the anti up. Unfortunately for the owner of the car [me] he ignored said instructions and went balls out so to speak form the first run, netting a time of 11.96 seconds on the turbo alone, and still with boost set at one bar. He immediately joined a very exclusive club of 11 second front wheel drive mini drivers, and even more exclusive if you count A series powered cars.

His second run netted a 12.09 on a very poor 60 ft at just outside 2 seconds.

Run three saw us use a very small dash of nitrous in only third and top gear, enough to propel Tom to a blisteringly quick time of 11.80 at 123.5 mph, only eight hundreths off the record. Tom also suffered a drama as the throttle jammed open as he crossed the line with the engine bouncing off the rev limiter at 9200 rpm.

Unfortunately that run pushed the already damaged and stressed head past breaking point as Tom felt a misfire on boost on his first run on sunday morning during competititon. On inspection we discovered water in cyl two. We don't suspect the jammed throttle to be the culprit as the engine has handled these revs with no problems over the last three years.

Game over, car on trailer and homeward bound, we have yet to assess the problem but suspect a crack in the head over head gasket failure.

On a positive note no other car in the class came anywhere near the time set by Tom on the Saturday practice session.

We acknowledge that to win, first you have to finish, but the power and weight of this car makes it almost unbeatable, reinforcing our belief that you can have all the exaggerated claimed hp in the world, but if you are pushing a heavy car, you will always struggle.



15" Wheels coming soon!

COMIING SOON! Lightweight 15" wheels.

Not ones to stand still here at Force Racing, we are in the middle of machining new tooling to enable us to produce a variety of widths and offsets in 15" diameter.
We will be sticking to our roots in lightweight engineering and these wheels will be aimed at lightweight sports and kitcar owners.

We will also be looking to offer an expanded range of centre designs as the larger billet offers greater scope for imagination.
We are even considering the possibility of one off designs, so customers can have a true "one of a kind"

We aim to have a set on test as early as mid May 2010.



British Mini Showdown 2009

Over the weekend of the 11th and 12th of July Force Racing made our way to Shakespeare County Raceway for the annual British Mini Showdown event.

With weather looking variable on the Saturday at one point it looked like no cars would run at all, however towards the early afternoon things picked up and so we performed a couple of runs in the DON, with a 13.3 shake down run, followed by a 12.76 run.

On the Sunday again the weather did not look promising, but we were able to run both cars. The DON ran a series of 12.7 runs, with a final run of 12.68. Unfortunately this was pipped by Nic Rizzardini who was able to post a 12.63 time, a personal best for him, and sufficient to collect the Class D honours for 2009, so well done to Nic.

The Twinnie went out to perform a shakedown run on Sunday morning, all did not feel right resulting in aborting the run, on pulling the plugs out we discovered electrodes melted on cyl 2 and 3. Another run tried resulting in the same thing, so the car was parked up and the engine will be stripped for inspection.

All in all a better weekend for beer than for racing!

Team Force


Force Racing attend the London to Brighton show

On the 17th of May Force Racing made the trip down to Brighton to display the twin engined car along with a selection of our products on our show stand.

Despite a variable start, the weather on Maderia Drive turned out to be lovely, with many of our previous customers dropping in to say hello along with lots of other interest.

We also used the show to launch our newly developed tubular Titanium driveshafts, as seen here along with our 4.5 x 10" 2-piece Minilife wheel conversion as seen here.


London to Brighton 2009London to Brighton 2009

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