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Fiar 500 classic front suspension set up


This front suspension setup is designed to replace the standard Fiat transverse leaf spring.

CNC machined from billet 6082 T6 aluminium, anodised to the customers colour choice.

This set up comes complete with rod ends and all spacers required for fitment.



Ford Granada Adjustable Tie Rods

From £160

These are standard tie rods modified to allow adjustment in situ of castor, the same method of modification can also be applied to any similar tie rods.


You supply the rods, we supply the know how.


Rover 100 front lower suspension arms

£515.00 pair

These bottom arms are a replacement for the standard rubber mounted steel items.

These allow both camber and castor alterations to be made off the car. We can supply adjustable on car arms at an additional cost of £100.

rover 100 bottom arms

Caterham titanium Differential braces for De Dion tube

£198 pair

These newly developed braces are used to brace the sierra diff, to the top damper mounts. They have R/H 10mm rod ends to attach to the diff cover bolts, and a L/H 1/2" rod for the top fixing, for fine adjustment.

For those of you who have suffered chassis/diff mount joint cracking due to inadequate support and movement, these may well be the answer to your problems.

Made from 1.25mm wall seamless pipe and weigh in at just under 500g for the pair.

Caterham diferential supprt braces

Metro Mk 1 & 2 Bottom front suspension arms

£295 pair

These lightweight bottom arms are a replacement for the standard steel items, on both the Mk1 and Mk2 Metro. [not suitable for Rover 100]

These arms are adjustable in situ, via a left/right hand threaded inboard adjuster, seen in red in the pictures.

They can also be supplied if desired, without the anti roll bar bush housing, for those using independent anti roll bar setups.

Metro mk 1 and 2 bottom arms

Alfa Romeo GTA titanium anti roll bar / drop links

£460 bar / £90 drop links per pair

Titanium anti roll bar and titanium drop links to fit Alfa Romeo GTA. It replaces the standard 24mm bar.

Manufactured from tubular titanium, to give a stiffer bar than the original, yet weighing in at a mere 1.8kg compared to the steel bar at 4.5kg, offers a healthy saving of 2.7kg over the steel anti roll bar. This bar has a larger outside diameter than the original, and modifications to the mountings are needed.

It is also possible to produce a Titanium bar to replace the 29mm race bar with similar weight savings.

The titanium drop links offer a 66% weight saving over standard, or for those who prefer fractions, weigh in at 1/3 of the weight of the steel item.

Almost any anti roll bar can be made to a sample supplied or drawing, please contact us for more information.

Alfa ARB

Peugeot 205 GTI alloy crankshaft pulley


Anodised alloy crankshaft pulley to suit the Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6 and 1.9, and Peugeot 309 GTI 1.9

Available in red/blue/black anodised subject to stock levels.

Weight 360g max, 50% lighter than the standard cast iron item.

Price on this item includes postage within the UK.

New Product!

Now we are also able to offer these pulleys in a smaller diameter for high revving race engines, to drive the alternator at a slower speed.

10% smaller than the standard item, and also a greater weight saving.


205 alloy pulleys

Ford Fiesta Mk 1 5 speed gearbox tie bar conversion bracket


A direct bolt on part, this bracket moves the tie bar location across to allow clearance for the popular 5-speed gearbox conversion when fitted to the Mk 1 Fiesta, when used with our rose jointed bottom arm and tie rod setup.

Tie bar bracket Mk1 Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Mk 1 Titanium adjustable Lower Arm and Tie Bar kit


Lower arm and tie bar conversion kit fabricated in Titanium to fit the Mk 1 Fiesta, fully rosejointed and adjustable to allow accurate setup of camber and caster angles.

Comes complete with steel adaptor to suit the standard Ford hub carrier, and all parts required to fit.

Fiesta suspension armsFiesta suspension armsFiesta suspension arms

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