Our Projects - KAD 16v Turbo


Our fuel injected KAD 16 valve turbo/nitrous super-lightweight projectile!

The DON has been reborn into our development car after a few years laid up out of use. Planned throughout 2006 the car was rebuilt in the Spring of 2007 in order to be used as a testbed for the KAD 16v turbocharged A series engine. We got a bit carried away and hence it has evolved into the well known car it now is, sporting a wide range of our lightweight titanium and aluminium components. The car is constantly evolving as we come up with new development ideas, and following 18 months sporting oddly coloured panels, was painted by ourselves in August 2008.


To date the car holds the British Mini Showdown Class D title for 2007 and 2008, and the Mini In The Park 2008 Forced induction Fastest in Class title. It has also been pictured in many magazines, with a front cover feature in Mini Magazine in April 2009.

Moving more up to date, the car achieved a quarter mile time of 11.12s at Santa Pod in August 2010- the fastest single engined A series Mini we know of.


kad16vkad16vkad16vMinis vs Beetles 2009
Avon Park 2009The DON at castle combe quarry corner, Team Force Racing