Rear Suspension

Billet disc brake rear hub

£320 pair

Primarily for use in competiton where the handbrake is not required, these hubs enable the use of the small motorcycle type calipers, whilst still fitting under 10" wheels.

A healthy weight saving over even the alloy rear drum setup.

Supplied complete with brake disc.


Billet Alloy rear disk brake hubsAlloy rear hub disk brake

Carbon Fibre Fenced Rear Diffusers


We have moulds to make these in carbon or glass fibre.

These come in lengths up to 1200mm and a fixed width of 900mm with a rise of 100mm.

Weight of no more than 2.5kgs.

These are a functional aero aid and as such come in the out of the mould clear gel coat finish.

Also available in black self colour GRP, or limited other self colours, priced at £230.00


Rear Diffusercarbon diffusercarbon rear diffusercarbon rear diffuser

Coil over rear swing arm

from £800 pair

These have to be the ultimate in A-frame rear suspension arms, fabricated from 2" titanium tube, these are both very light, and very strong.

These are not a direct replacement into the standard rear subframe, so require either brackets fixed directly to the heel board, or onto a beam.

Hub shown is not included.

As you can see, the top sets are rod end fitting. This requires them to be unbolted from the car to make adjustments. We can also manufacture these arms with adjusters making them adjustable in situ. This makes fine adjustments to suspension geometry quick and easy to achieve when setting up your car.


The bottom images are of a standard pin mount but are still coilover, these weigh in at just 2kg with fitted pin.


Please note pins are not supplied.


Rear Swing Arm 2Titanium rear beams and armsrear swing arm, pin monut,,,rear swing arm,pin mount,,,,,

Titanium Rear Anti Roll Bars

In need of more things to get confused over on your race car? Try these!

Titanium rear anti roll bar, can be made to customers spec or ours.

Rear bar can be used on cars with spare wheel well in place, with lowering towers.

Where space is tight and there is no room for long drop links, rotating blades can be fitted on one end for adjustment.

Titanium Rear ARB

Titanium Rear Beam assembly


After seeing people struggling with poor quality rear beams from other suppliers we decided to make the ultimate in lightweight rear beams.

Made by ourselves in the UK, this beam weighs in at 3.6kg, and will allow your existing radius arms to be retained, using a coil over spring and damper arrangement. The beam also comes with the capability to retain the standard handbrake cable arrangement.

Fabricated from Titanium, this beam will never corrode and will require minimal maintenance over the lifetime of your vehicle.

Comes as standard with adjustable toe and camber.


Due to ever increasing enquiries for a more affordable rear beam, we have decided to make these available in steel, weighing in at circa 5.7kg.

As with our Titanium beams, these are fully tig welded with toe and camber adjustment, and are supplied in etch primer for customers to paint to their own choice.

£220 (on stock)






Titanium rear beamtitanium rear beam

Titanium Rear Swinging Arms for Rear Wheel Drive

from £950 pair

Rear swinging arms for bike engined or other rear wheel drive Minis.

Want to use 10" wheels or just want to lose some weight?

These rear arms have a small enough brake setup to allow the 10" wheel to be fitted, uses Metro bearings and drive flange based on Metro setup.

Any design or combination can be supplied.

Titanium Rear Swing Arm for RWD

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