Wheels 13"


From £230

The mesh has been introduced for those looking for the 70s Retro look, this billet only allows up to 3mm of calliper overhang before extra material is needed to introduce an effective spacer to the rear for clearance on large overhang callipers,
13" mesh13" mesh ,bare alloy


Fron £235

The 13" FN is a scaled up version of our popular 10" incarnation, incorporating the same popular deep convex curved face profile.

These wheels come with a choice of individual spoke thickness from 9-12mm which allows serious users to tailor the weight of the wheels to their needs more accurately.

Please note that this centre design neccesitates the use of "Tuner" type wheel nuts due to the centre boss footprint.



13" FN red on black13" FN black o0n black

Turbo TF

From £280 for up to 7" wide

Our newest wheel the Turbo TF is our take on a 70's classic.


CNC machined billet centres, anodised almost any colour you like, combined as standard with polished rims.


Anodised rims are available at extra cost.


Although we have done our very best to bring a no compromise lightweight classic design to the fore, we simply cannot make the centre any lighter, and as a result of the extra thick profile and design these centres weigh circa 250 gms more than our very popular SLR 7 design.


As a result of the time consuming machining operations required to produce this design there has to be an appropriate cost increase when compared to our other 13" centre designs.


Please note the price applies to our standard section thickness billet, a further cost increase could be applicable should any built in spacer be required for brake caliper clearance. As always please contact us with any specific requests, which we will be happy to discuss and accommodate wherever possible.

Turbo TFTurbo TF black rimTurbo TF rear view


From £235, anodised rims not included.

The SLD is a variation on our SLR wheel [split spoke]

The variation being that of a much thicker centre section with a more pronounced curved face profile. This extra thick centre does add considerably to the cost of producing these centres and as such must be passed on to the cost of the wheel.

These are still one of the lightest wheels in the size available today, and as we are being continually told, made to a quality second to none.


13" wheel, deep  red centre black rim,13" wheel, deep red centre black rim


ST 13

From £189 each

Newly released is our latest offering, the ST 13.

The ST 13 is our take on a throwback to the 70's when four spoke sandwich mount wheels were popular. So, if you are looking for that exclusive retro look, then look no further.

Available in all the usual colours, widths, and offsets.

Centre lock wheel shown, but four stud fitting is available.

13" ST wheel13! wheel ST13" wheel ST,,13" wheel ST.

13" Three Piece Modular Wheels SLR 5

From £189 each






Please note , all our three piece wheels are drilled   at 7mm to accept bolt in aluminium valves,if you would like to use rubber valves please advise at  time of ordering

 The standard wheel finish is polished   outer rim, brushed inner rim and anodised billet centre section, Anodised rim sections are available at a a cost of £12 per rim, £24 per wheel

Sorry folks, but due to ever increasing costs of materials we have to put a £20 increase on a set of four wheels in 13" on widths up to 8" wide, and £30 increase on over 8" wide.

The increase applies to the prices below.

Up to 7" wide; £189.00 each

7.5- 8" wide; £193.00 each

Over 8" please call for best deal prices. 

New for 2009 these striking yet lightweight 13" three piece split rim wheels have become a well received addition to our ever growing component portfolio.

Utilizing the same construction and assembly methods as our popular 10" wheels, and again using our own tooling to produce these lightweight wheels, we can closely control both availability and quality.

Available in widths from 5.5" to 13", with various offsets and rim combinations.

Example weight 3.4kgs for a 7" wheel, 3.6kgs for the 8" wheel.


Rim sections available are-

Inner Rims   1.5", 2",  3", 3.5", 4" ,4.5, 5", 6"

Outer Rims   1.5", 2", 2.5", 3", 3.5" ,4",4.5", 5" 5.5" 6" ,6.5" and 7"

Our wheel centres are CNC machined in house from 6082T6 billet aluminium, and are available colour anodised in most colours. [Please see 10" wheel page for full colour list]

If you are having trouble with supply of spare rim sections for wheels you already have, from different manufacturers, we may be able to help you.

Our wheels are available in any 4 stud PCD.

By the request of some customers, these wheels are now available with solid spokes, as shown further down the page, although there will be a weight penalty of 350g per wheel compared to the split-spoke design.

We also produce the SLR  split spoke wheel with a slightly heavier spoke at 7mm thick as opposed to the superlightweight 5mm spoke,

SLR 5  and SLR 7
































Newly released, the Force Racing "DSY"

This design centre offers a small weight saving over our superlight 5mm through pocket design, hard to believe but true.







13£ wheel gold13" wheels red13" whel silver13" wheels  black13" wheel centre 22mm offset 13" wheel centre 22 offset  113" wheel  front wheel drive13" wheel front wheel drive closeup13" wheel solid spoke 113" wheel solid spoke rear view13" solid ,,,13" solid ,,,,13" wheel silver , solid spoke ,,,13"  .. wgeel, DSY13" DSY wheel13" dsy gold centrelock,,13" dsy gold centrelock no scollop13" wheel poss ofset centre13" DSY black13" silver spoke ,black rim13" split spoke all black13" solid spoke gold13" solid spoke gold.13" wheel solid spoke gold13" wheel solid spoke gold rear view13" dsy red / black

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