Wheels 15"

15" red dsy15" titanium SLR915" gold dsy15" Turbe TF ,gold15" dsy heavy

15" turbo TF15" turbo tf  black15" turbo tf gold


Please note, all our three piece wheels are drilled 7mm to accept bolt in aluminium valves, if you would like to use rubber valves please advise at time of ordering


We are pleased to announce that we have just finalised the spec, and taken the first rim spinnings, for a stronger rim on these 15" wheel sections. This is in direct response to many enquiries we get for our wheels, for fitment to cars over and above our normal max weight of 800kgs.

We now have two extra options available to customers;

Rims the same weight but 25% stronger


Thicker gauge and hence heavier rims, which are 40% stronger.

The downside is an increase in cost due to both manufacturing time and material cost, but this will now allow us to cater for vehicles in the 1100-1200kg range.




DSY 15

From £300 each

The new design from Force, the DSY

Available in widths from 5 to 10" wide, in all the usual colours. Polished outer rim, brush finished inner rim.

15"  DSY

15" Three piece Modular Wheels

From £1'200 set up to 8" wide

These wheels, as with our other sizes, are aimed at the competiton sector. We believe our 15" wheels will be the lightest available at 4.5kg for the 8" wide. Why use a heavier wheel than you need to? From 5" to 10" wide, prices start from as little as £1,000 a set   up to 7" wide, available with anodised centres in colours as per listed on the 10 " wheel page  .


3.5" drag race skinny rear £235 each


15 " rears 15 " rears  115 " wheel centre15 inch wheel 115"  15"    black centre15"  black   115"  skinny face/gold15" bare centre15" black15" drag skinny/gold15" rear15" skinny close up15" wheel gold15" wheel gold  115" wheel,gold closeup15" wheels     drag race rears15" whel with 10" inset15inch wheel15" SLR 9 blue15" CD  ,

Peugeot 205 GTI 1900 wheel 2 piece conversion

£115 ea

Well here they are, the first converted Peugeot 205 GTI 1900 wheel. Using the same method of construction as our smaller converted wheels, it should be entirely possible to run this conversion as a normal tubeless wheel. The only thing to consider is that every bolt will have to be sealed in its thread, and the rim sealed to the donor casting with sealant to give an air tight seal. Either Speedline or SMR castings suitable as donor wheels.

Please note that no refurbishment work is carried out to the donor wheel surface- the wheels you supply will be the wheels you receive in return.

pug 205 wheel convertedpug wheel  2 piecepug wheel 2Peugeot grey 1Peugeot grey 2Peugeot grey 4

15" Wheels coming soon....


Now officially launched and ready to go-

Still intent on moving forward here at Force racing, we are working on a new range of 15" wheels.

We already have the first prototype spinnings taken from our tooling for evaluation and test fitting. All that remains is for us to finalise our designs so watch this space. Hopefully only weeks away to the launch.


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