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BMW K100-K1100 Conversion Kit


Due to popular demand we are now producing our own version of these BMW K100 motorcycle cylinder head conversion kits.

These kits have been painstakingly designed and developed over the last 5 years by fellow enthusiast Colin Milne in collaboration with Force Racing.

We now feel that having covered many thousands of road miles on the test engine over the last three years, that these kits are the best available for fit and function.

We have chosen to use ground aluminum tooling plate for the head and block seal plates unlike others, to ensure the best available gasket mating face. There is no lumpy bumpy rolled plate in the important areas of our kits.

The subtle differences in our kits are hard to spot over other inferior detailed kits, but  we feel they are a marked improvement on what is currently available.

As with all Force Racing components these kits are made in house at our own workshop, unlike others, therefore ensuring quality and availability are closely controlled by ourselves.

We will also be producing a set of ancilliaries as listed in the near future,

Coolant outlet

Remote/inline thermostat housing

Oil drain outlets

Coil on plug mounting plates

Induction ram pipes

Along with aluminium inlet manifolds for both N/A and turbocharger plenums, or alternatively we are happy to supply the CNC-machined flanges for customers to fabricate their own manifolds.

BMW K100-K1100 Conversion Kit Image 1
BMW K100-K1100 Conversion Kit Image 2
BMW K100-K1100 Conversion Kit Image 3
BMW K100-K1100 Conversion Kit Image 4
BMW K100-K1100 Conversion Kit Image 5
BMW K100-K1100 Conversion Kit Image 6
BMW K100-K1100 Conversion Kit Image 7

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