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Autosport International 2016

Yes ,its that time again, and yes to all the customers who have been badgering us for weeks about this show, we are attending with more sample wheels then ever .And we will be bringing the new rolling shell race car along stand 8233

External Door Hinges

Well we've finally succumbed to the many requests for some door hinges as per fitted to our turbo car "Don", we are machining a batch of these featherweight billet cnc machined hinges as we write. Stock colour will be black, but special request colours can be catered for.

These hinges use a double top-hat nylon washer between the two parts, with a thin nylon washer between the button head bolt and mating face, so no actual metal-to-metal contact takes place.

Price £95 set [both doors] Introductory offer.

Big Dish 10"

We have finally released the big dish 10" wheel. Please visit the 10" wheel page for full details.

Steel Rear Suspension Beams

NEWLY RELEASED- STEEL REAR BEAMS. Please see our rear suspension section for details.

COMING SOON!! BMW "K" conversion kits

These kits have been designed by fellow Mini enthusiast Colin Milne having started with the initial designing back in 2005. We have been working closely with Colin along the way.

Now with over three years running and testing, both parties feel there is a well proven finished kit that both fits and works.

As with all Force Racing components, these kits will be machined in house here at the Force Racing HQ in the UK.

We hope to have some firm prices by Christmas and are confident these kits will be the most cost effective way to fit the BMW K head to your A series block.

Full technical backup will be available as usual.


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Force Racing are the definitive solution to all your bespoke engineering needs. We specialise in made-to-order titanium reproductions  and scratch built components,ensuring your parts are functional, ultra-lightweight with incredible strength. Our work is high quality, made to top specifications to meet the most demanding needs.


Based in Leeds, England, we are competitive and enthusiastic about what we do; we hope to be your first and only stop when considering custom top end component manufacture.

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Product ShotThe range of products available is vast; we produce the superior collection, from titanium drive shafts to the ultimate front end suspension assembly. We fabricate unique three-piece split rim alloy wheels to your requirements, and titanium customised rear swing arms for rear wheel drive conversions. Browse our online catalogue for further information, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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