Force Racing Services

We have full in house CNC milling and turning facilities, as well as full fabrication capabilities.


Some of the more common machining services we are able to offer here at Force Racing

Crankshaft Modifications

  • Wedge crankshaft - £55
  • Blade crankshaft - £55
  • Backdrill crankshaft,eight positions - £60
  • Crossdrill big end journals - £45
  • Turn crankshaft outer diameter down to 125mm - £35 [the turning of the crank OD to 125mm allows an even bigger blade to be machined on, further reducing weight]
  • Hand clean up of all remaining rough forged surfaces which leaves a much cleaner crank and reduces oil drag - £40
  • Crankshaft straightening - from £35

 Con Rod Modifications

  • Con Rods basic machine to lighten only. This includes, face off big ends, machine radius little ends, face off little ends, radius big end cap. Using this four stage machining process, reduces the time spend on hand finishing, and also takes the guess work out of the job. It also aids the final balancing of the con rod set. This operation removes nominally 75gms per rod - £110
  • Hand finishing of the rods, including balancing - £60
  • Ream little ends for floating pins, not bushed - £25
  • PTFE buttons- to make a lasting job of floating gudgeon pins, it is neccesary on some pistons to shorten the gudgeon pin, to allow a thicker PTFE button. This is because thin buttons can cockle over and break up in a very short time, usually resulting in either a scrap block or at the least a rebore due to grooves being worn by wayward pins. The thicker buttons hold up much better. Thin or thick PTFE buttons - £28 set
  • Reducing gudgeon pin length by 5mm and re-balance as a set - £45

 Block modifications

  • Tap oil gallery ends to 14x1.5mm for removeable bungs - £10
  • Supply and fit undercrown oil spray jets - £185
  • Machining extra dish into pistons - £35 set
  • Supply and fit oil fed thrust washer conversion - £75
  • Supply and fit cam bearings £45
  • Machine centre cap and supply steel strap inc high strength bolts £30
  • Remove lobes from standard camshaft for 16 valve conversion £55
  • Block decking from  £25
  • Head facing  cast iron  or alumininum  ,from £25

Flywheel modifications

  • Reclaim flywheel taper, don't throw your steel flywheels away, we can put a perfect replaceable taper back in there to reclaim it - £70
  • Lighten standard cast iron flywheel - £40
  • Lighten standard backplate - £15


  • Supply only weld in mild steel lambda boss and bung - £6
  • Supply only dry deck water ports [pair] - £30
  • machine bigger dish in pistons, each piston £10
  • Valve pockets to pistons , £6 each

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